Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Sydney Lyric Theatre
August 17, 2017

Curtin University, Perth, Australia

CASA Group, alongside John Wardle Architects, brought to life the facade of Curtin University’s School of Design and the Built Environment. Reflecting the creativity, sustainability and innovation embodied by the 5-floor facility, CASA Group supplied over 1,250 individual elZinc® screens that redefine the University's traditional brise-soleil approach. 

The project incorporated 1.5mm thick industrialised zinc screen that used a completely customised process from perforation, cutting, folding and packaging to avoid deformation of the materials during transport and installation. The folded screens consist of 11 different profiles, unique fabrication techniques and screen supports to create variation in the pattern and avoid a repetitive effect.

To achieve the desired perforation pattern, a custom-made die was manufactured, showcasing the architects' emphasis on design uniqueness. A meticulous labelling system was also implemented for all 1,254 profiles, ensuring precise and efficient installation.

John Wardle Architects' design guarantees solar protection, occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. The result is a contemporary appearance that possesses a distinctive personality, showcasing a long-lasting, maintenance-free, and natural finish. This project stands as a testament to the fusion of creative design and sustainable construction practices at the centre of innovation in the construction industry.