Horizontal Interlocking System 2mm Aluminium



Features & benefits

  • Provides a smooth, flat appearance with negative details.
  • Natural ventilated air flow.
  • Solid panel design installed directly on to a galvanised top hat or trapezoidal substructure and fixed directly onto the structural element of the building.
  • It is classified as a rain screen system allowing water to enter through the panel surface and drain behind in a ventilated cavity. Fully waterproof with the use of membranes, without the use of exposed mastics and sealants.
  • Flexibility in overall appearance. Joints are fixed at 15mm. The panels are adaptable in width.
  • Fully non-combustible system.


  • Superior quality aluminium, produced overseas and available for use in all our panel systems.
  • Alloy 3005 with a temper of H42.
  • Pre-painted using a PVDF paint system, using at least two layers to produce a minimum paint thickness of 27 microns.
  • Can be used in areas without direct rainfall with no corroding or discolouring.
Satin Black
Satin Black
Dolomite Grey
Sealand White
Volcano Stone
Silver 102

Available in

Aluminium PVDF coated
Thickness2 mm
Panel lengthPlease consult us at design stage
Panel width100–1050mm

System build up

Wall structureMust allow top hats to be fixed at min. 600mm centre.
Direct supportStuds, galvanised 1.15mm at max. 600mm centre in opposite direction to direction of panels.
UnderlayFully breathable and waterproofed membrane.
FixingsFix panels to top hats at max. 600mm centre and max 100mm from end of panel.

Fully designed, build up system

Fully supported cladding system including non-combustible substructure, metal and fixings, complete with all flashings, trims and waterproofed details meeting adjoining building materials.

WarrantyMin. 15 years warranty
MaterialsAluminium: EN AW-5754: ALMg3
Temper: H42 EN1396
Sheet Thickness: 2.00mm
Coating Quality: PVdF Coated
InstallationRecommended and approved installers only
ManufactureCASA System’s state-of-the-art machinery has been specifically developed to work with non-ferrous precious metals. Our manufacturing facility has been purpose-built to roll form, fold, curve and pack materials in accordance with the requirements of these type of metals. Only metals formed in CASA System’s facility form part of the system to ensure full warranty.